If you or someone you love is undergoing chemotherapy for cancers or other malignant growth disorders (leukemia, lymphoma), chances are you are familiar with peripheral nerve damage that chemotherapies can cause.

Chemotherapy-induced painful peripheral neuropathy, or CIPN, occurs when drugs used to treat cancer or other malignancies damage peripheral nerves. CIPN can cause severe pain and can affect your ability to do things like walk, write, button your shirt, or pick up coins. It can last for weeks, months, or even years after treatment is done.

Chemotherapy-induced painful peripheral neuropathy is a painful condition that typically affects feet and hands.

It is a common and debilitating side effect associated with chemotherapeutic regimens that include taxol-related, vinca-alkaloid-related chemotherapeutics, and other agents, CIPN can dramatically reduce quality-of-life, cut short the needed chemotherapies, and thus affect overall survival.

The current market of CIPN is more than $2.3 billion worldwide.